November 1, 2020

The important applications of stone powder in life

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Before, people only knew about stone powder used mainly in the construction industry. With the application of technical technology, now the use of stone powder is widely known in many different industries.

1. Ingredients in stone powder

Stone powder has the scientific name of calcium carbonate, the chemical symbol is CaCO3. According to experts’ estimates, about 5% of the earth’s crust is calcium carbonate, which exists in different forms of compounds. Calcium carbonate is mainly in the form of rocks such as limestone, marble, chalk… At the same time it still exists in the shells and shells of animals such as snails, oysters, crabs …

In Vietnam, stone powder is produced widely, but mainly in the northern region with a variety of different types of rock and stone powder. The difference of stone powder depends on its content, composition or application for different industries.

2. Important applications for present stone powder

Up to now, the application of stone powder has spread to many different fields and industries, including paper industry, rubber industry, paint industry, animal husbandry industry, printing, detergents, lip treatment. school, agriculture, … Here are some typical industries.

Paper industry:

In the past, papermaking used clay and kaolin fillers and coatings to whiten the paper. However, these two soils are quite rare in nature and the cost is high, so people change to use other substances instead. In particular, stone powder is cheap and even makes paper whiter, so the industry turns to using stone powder.

Detergent industry:

There are two main types of detergents on the manufacturing market: cream and powder. The stone powder will make the minerals smoother, smoother and brighter white. Because its hardness is lower than some other types of matter, only 3 Moh.

Stone powder Animal husbandry industry:

Bauxite is considered as a food additive to help cattle and poultry develop bones and eggs. Using powders with different particle sizes will ensure the purity of the stone powder.

Environmental treatment industry:

Stone powder has the main ingredient CaCO3, which is inherently a natural salt. The effect of salts is to neutralize acids and to reduce other harmful substances. Therefore, stone powder is widely applied for environmental treatment and environmental protection.

Agricultural industry:

Used as a fertilizer, stone powder provides nutrients (calcium) for plants. At the same time it also stabilizes the amount of PH in the soil to help plants grow better. This application has been around for a long time, the Greeks and Romans praised the effect of stone powder for a long time.

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