November 1, 2020

Application of Calcium Carbonate powder in industries

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1.      Paper production

In the paper production industry, lime is used to dissolve lignin and bleach, as a substitute for kaolin and clay because Calcium Carbonate powder is very popular and much cheaper, and has a high bleaching effect. Calcium Carbonate powder, limestone also help to soften water by removing bicarbonate hardness and disinfecting. We need about 250 kg of lime to produce 1 ton of paper.

2.      Glass fabrication

Along with Silicate (SiO2) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), Calcium Carbonate powder is one of the main raw materials of the glass industry (20-25%). In the making of glass, sodium carbonate will lower the temperature below the allowable level to make glass and water absorbent. At this point, Calcium Carbonate powder will be added to overcome this drawback. Calcium Carbonate powder acts as a stabilizer, ensures the durability and increases the resistance of the glass.

3.      Food Industry

In the food industry, Calcium Carbonate has many uses: baking soda production; food preservation, helping fruits and vegetables fresher longer, absorb moisture and absorb CO2 released.

In the sugar industry, lime reacts with raw sugar water, which is used to clean, remove impurities and bleach, and play a key role in the purification of molasses from sugarcane and beetroot. About 10 kg of lime is required to produce 1 ton of sugar.

4.      Plastic production

Calcium Carbonate powder is very cheap, saves money. Therefore, it is widely used in the plastics industry such as plastic pipes, plastic ceilings, composite resins, electrical wires… Calcium Carbonate powder prevents evaporation by reducing the temperature, not worrying about damage. At the same time the furnace has heat resistance, curvature, stable size, easy printing and good texture, and self-releases heat from heating to avoid environmental pollution.

5.      Producing plaster and brick

Calcium Carbonate powder forms a close bond with the capillaries of the concrete and cement mortar. Creating a beautiful paint for the project perfectly, helping to smooth out the convex and concave surface, making the single process easier in the future.

In addition, CaCO3 limestone powder is the main raw material in the production of unburnt bricks: Terrazzo bricks, pavement bricks, block bricks, interlocking concrete brick,… It helps to create the strength of the bricks.

6.      Chemical production

Calcium Carbonate powder is used to produce a wide variety of chemicals such as:

–         Soda, Calcium carbide

–         Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (with high quality of CaCO3)

–         Calcium stearate (C17H35COO)2Ca

–         Detergents

–         Cosmetics…


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